Classic Greyhawk Campaign

Moonday 3rd, Reaping, 579CY

The Adventure Begins!

Janus and Zaniz arrive in Hommlet. They decide to hide their identity as Elves. After talking to a Goodwife in a doorway, they head to the Welcome Wench, taking note of their surroundings on the way. After garnering much of the background information of the area from one of the Potboys, Janus suffers a moment of insanity and almost kills Zaniz in an attempt to juggle his sword. Approached by the Goodwife Grundigoot, Janus accidently reveals their identity as Elves, to the Goodwife’s delight. They realise they actually can’t really afford to do much drinking. Janus begins to drink from a concealed bottle of wine, while Zaniz buys some terrible ale.

They plan to head straight to the ruins of The Temple of Elemental Evil, scavenge around the ruins, then sell what they find for some money. After two hours travel, they encounter the Moathouse, assume it’s the ruins of the temple, and spy something in a near by pool. Off guard, they are attacked by a couple of brigands. After dispatching them with some trouble and looting them, they are similarly accosted by a Giant Tick, who forces them to flee.

Back at Hommlet they proceed to make asses of themselves in front of the town council, by waxing on about the forces of evil invading the old temple. They are corrected in their assumption that the Moathouse was the temple, and told to calm down. Their wounds are dressed, and Ostler Grundigoot agrees to let them sleep at the Inn on credit until they can go to the money changer tomorrow morning. In return they request some employment, and the Village Elder agrees to meet with them in the morning. With that they retire for the evening.



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