Classic Greyhawk Campaign

Godsday 4th, Reaping, 579CY

A Quiet Godsday at Hommlet

Waking early in the morning, Janus and Zaniz head to the Money Changer. Nira Melubb the money changer pays handsomely for a gem they had lifted of a Brigands corpse. Janus briefly considers attempting to rob the place, before deciding against it, and heading out. With the rest of the loot from the brigands, the pair head to the trading post. There they meet Rannos Davl and his partner Gremag. They instantly dislike them for trying to undercut them for the chainmail they offer to sell. Somehow, they end up hiring a Groom and a Man at Arms, but flat out refuse to buy equipment for them from the trading post.

Heading to the blacksmith, the are unpleased to find out just how much Gremag and Davl were going to rip them off for the chainmail. He also identifies the Short Swords the brigands have as his own work. They enquire a little about the blacksmith’s background and he tells them he’s Brother Smyth, assistant to the Druid of the Grove, and a devoted follower of the Old Faith. They thank him and leave.

At this point the pair realise they are being followed by the town drunk, Elmo. Elmo introduces himself as a man of arms, for hire, and begs them to hire him. They apologise and say they’ve already hired a man or two. He begs more, and offers to be paid in beer instead. Janus is suspicious and senses his Drunkness is faked. Draws his blade and attempts to attack Elmo, who avoids his blow easily, draws his dagger, and puts it to Janus’ throat. His cover blown, Elmo levels with the Adventurers.

Leading them to his parents barn, he reveals he’s in the employ of the Viscount of Verboblonc, as an agent, tasked to report unusual travellers. He warns the adventurers about Gremag and Davl’s hirelings, but suggests they keep them in employ. He begs them not to reveal his identity and agrees to accompany them on any expedition they choose to go on.

The Adventurers leave the barn and head to the Village Elders house, who is expecting them. He discusses employing them either to work on constructing the castle being built in the town, or clearing out the Moathouse. They agree to head to the Moathouse. He suggests they talk to Burne and Rufus about any trips they plan to go on.

They walk to Burne and Rufus’ tower and talk to both of them. Rufus tells them of his concerns about the defense of Hommlet, while Burne reveals his slightly greedy nature. Burne agrees to go with them for a (negotiated) 22% of the loot, but Rufus has other business and cannot leave Hommlet. With this, the Adventurers suggest they celebrate the formation of their group, and head to The Welcome Wench with Burne and Elmo. After a night of drinking, they head to bed, and decide to set off in the morning.



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