The Moathouse

Hommlet moathouse1

This place was once the outpost of the Temple of Elemental Evil, its watchtower and an advance base for raids, looting, and destruction. From this area, servants of the Temple were to bring the Village of Hommlett and all the lands around it into subjection. The conquered folk were then to be used as slaves to construct yet another fortress further west, spreading the evil power of the Temple in ever-growing rings to encompass all of the land around its base. This outpost was ignored during the destruction of the Temple, for the army of good which came against the wicked hordes was so strong as to be totally immune to any pinpricking from the garrison of the moathouse.

Only after the end of the battle which destroyed the main armies of the Temple of Elemental Evil was attention turned to this place. A detachment of horseand foot with a small siege train then came to the marshlands, to lay the castle low. The common folk from miles around came to help, and the moathouse was surrounded, cut off, and battered into extinction. The place is now shunned by the people of Hommiet, who hate its former evil and the memory of the terror brought to them by the black lord of the fortress—a vile cleric of damnation—and his evil men and humanoid troops.

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The Moathouse

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